Monthly Archives: September 2010

Most Expensive Sushi in the World

Take a look at the most expensive sushi on the planet. These five pieces of sushi costs around $1,996 and… Continue reading »

2010 American Craft Week

The 2010 American Craft Week will be held on October 1 to 10. This activity aims to gather individuals, small… Continue reading »

World’s Biggest Chocolate Bar

This is a big news for chocoholics like me. The people Armenia has just created the largest chocolate in the… Continue reading »

Nikon D700 Cake

This is just way too awesome for words!  It was baked by Granny Schmidt bakery based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania for… Continue reading »

Susie’s Tibuk-Tibuk

This is one of my most favorite Kampampangan delicacies, Tibuk-Tibuk  and it is made by the famous Susie‚Äôs Cuisine.  This… Continue reading »