Monthly Archives: November 2011

Metagenics Sleep Supplements: How Effective Are They?

A review of Metagenics Sleep Supplements Sleep is considered underrated nourishment for our bodies these days. Compared to decades ago,… Continue reading »

Handheld Gadgets for Work and Play

There are many devices out there that have made our lives more convenient and easy. One of the common gadgets… Continue reading »

Ice Scramble and Shark’s Fin

Between us two, the husband and myself, it is me who likes to go out frequently. During weekends, we frequent… Continue reading »

Dog in a Cute Superhero Costume

Now here is something worth sharing: Don’t tell me it did not make you say, “Aaaaaw…”. It is so cute,… Continue reading »

The Second Time Around

The very first time that I tried puto bumbong was last year. Being born and raised in Mindanao, a seasonal… Continue reading »